Kendra Adams
Tracy Anderson
Viktor and Shelley Ashley
Pastor Steve and Reita Ball
Ronnie Berke
Rip and Brandy Biggs
Tom and Lori Boyd
Bill and Laura Brock
Chris Brown
Darlene Brown and Buck Schimpf
Steve and Kathy Brown
Tonya and Barry Cammon
Carter and Allison Cardwell
Rocky Chambers
Jonathan and Jill Clark
Lisa Montelongo Conner
Mark and Casey Cook
Dr. William and Ann Cornwell
Ida Cotter
Bob Couter and Cheri Markham
Clancy and Melanie Covert
Timothy Deere
Daniel Devries
Dr. Deborah Distefano
Chris Dixon
Eric and Emily Dunkel
Terri Dunn
Evelyn and Lawson Duval
Marcy and David Eason
Pearl Ellison
Rich and Tracy Faulkner
Randy Fowler and Debbie McKee
Shannon and Dixie Fuller
Dave and Tracy Fulton
Judge (Ret.) Richard Gordon
ImorettE Grant
Dr. Nani and Dayne Grey
Larry and Robin Griffin
Phyllis Haskins
Hank and Karen Hill
Rhey and Jennifer Houston
Don and Talene Howe
Rob and Angi Howell
Jon and Kera Hughes
Deb and Paul Hunter
David and Debbie Ingram
Howard and Penny Kennedy
Mike and Sherry Kent
Tracy and Donna Knauss
Judge Marty Lasley

Phil and Jennifer Lawrence
Tracy and Pam Lee
Amy Marchand
Robert and Lana Martino
Dr. Jack and Susan McClarty
John McDougal
Sean and Toni McElroy
Ellsworth and Sharon McKee
Jack and Betty McKee
Rusty McKee
Sam and Connie McNair
Donna Miller
Chrissy Mincy
Meredith Mochel
Derek and Tori Montecalvo
Mary Moore and Tom Dodd
Dr. Rink and Kristy Murray
Chad and Kim Nash
Zach and Payton Newman
Jerritt Patterson
Diane Patty
Beverly Payne
Dana and Charles Perry
Diana Phillips
Punk and Lois Pollard
Mike Price
Dr. Brooks and Jaclyn Pruehs
Ronald Rahn
William J. and Nelly Rawson
Dan Ripper
Dr. William and Nicole Roberts
Jeffrey Schaarschmidt
Richard M. Self
Mark and Rosa Shchukin
Dr. Jan and Steve Sherbak
Joanie Sompayrac and Tony Grossi
Bill Speek
Mike St. Charles
Rick and Shelley Stern
Greg and Stacey Tate
Pastor Ruth Thomas
Arthur and Alla Timoshchuk
Nikolay Timushchuk, Jr.
Rostis and Yuliya Timushchuk
Nikolay Timushchuk, Sr.
Judge (Ret.) Joe Tipton
Rex and Judy Weland
Jason and Tabitha Whittle
Fisher Wise
Chester Bankston

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